Our favourite Dolphin – Artist Inspiration

DIY dolphin with mosaic tiles

DIY dolphin with mosaic tiles

The dolphin is the favourite motive of our customers everywhere.  This comes as no surprise as dolphin are perceived as intelligent, playful, friendly or even helpful to man and thus associate strongly positive impression. Countless are the stories of fishermen being guided towards land or ships through shallows by dolphins.

Today we know that dolphins belong to the few species who recognize themselves in mirrors and command a vocal language with at least 300 different expressions. The movement of dolphins and their bent shape in conjunction with a friendly looking rounded snout, their large eyes and their powerful moves jumping high above the ocean’s wave creates associations of lightness, freedom and mastery of the elements.

The Dolphin was the first mosaic motive our artist Mohammed Meziati from Tangiers created for Alea. It’s said that the first piece of art summons especially intense and energetic inspiration and energy in an artist. An inner vision, a thought with exceptional power that projects itself onto the mind of the observer.

In his book „Art and Illusion“  Austrian-British art historian Sir Ernst Hans Gombrich remarked: “Since what he says in  other  words is that works that are created in a state of enhanced imagination appeal to our own imagination…..this is the heralding of an utterly new perception of art: One which supposes the power of the painter to indicate and the faculty of the observer to understand and to accommodate.”

Whatever the reasons for such an exceptionally strong attraction to a specific motive of a piece of art we at Alea accommodate too and deliver our dolphin kits to all our customers worldwide!

Alea Mosaik Dolfin with Ceramic tile

This is where you find our Dolphin Mosaic Kit. The kit includes a 20x20cm wooden frame and ceramic micro cubes sized 5x5mm.

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