Dear Artists and Mosaic Friends!

Occident and Orient are conjoined harmoniously in Alea Mosaic’s tiles and model kits.

Designed and produced with German technology in Morocco they reach our customers world-wide in over 70 countries.

Alea Images was founded in 1997 in Tangiers he old Roman capital of Northwestafrica. Since 2010 we manage our European distribution from Alea Mosaik GmbH’s Munich office.

Our initial product was mosaic tiles only. But soon customers wanted model kits and later even On Design kits for their individual motives and projects.

While we started with the standard Roman 5x5x5mm sized tiles we soon found a way to mass manufacture nano tiles measuring merely 3x3x3mm.

Our tiles scale with our customers projects from very small 3D mosaic-sculptures to wall-sized bit landscapes.

Alea of course being the Latin word for die, which describes the core product of Alea: ceramic dies or tiles that are the basis of most mosaics.

Contrary to the Roman manufacturing process Alea does not employ hordes of Slaves to manually break, cut and polish tiles but top grade technology that helps our designers and engineers to create a vast spectrum of tiles and bits and model kits to answer the highly individual demands of our customers world-wide.

Today our our 3D-sinter-process is also applied to free ceramic forms as well as glass tiles, so-called mosaic bits.

It has taken us years to succeed in manufacturing all possible tiles and bits in different application dependent qualities. Hence Alea’s manufacturing process is the key to miniaturization and the large spectrum of materials and material combinations as well as chromatic effects that our tiles and bits shine in

Centrepiece of our production are our custom designed sintering furnaces. The allow for a highly flexible production process and finely tuned parametrization for our large spectrum of mosaic tiles and bits.

It takes up to 5 thermal process steps to create some of the very unique chromatic features that our bits and tiles have.

Ale Images is proud to be able to mass manufacture the smallest ceramic tiles our so-called Nanos. Tiles with a mere size of 3x3x2mm

It is our aspiration to offer our clients across the globe a maximum variety of mosaic forms, materials, sizes and colours for boundless creativity

Thus a considerable part of our orders are on demand designs for very special mosaic projects. Either large surface interior design projects, external decoration or ornaments, garden furniture or customized model sets based on portrait motives.

Very popular are our photo-mosaics based on photographs that our customers want to transpose onto a material that can last thousands of years.

Kids and schools, of course, love our model kits. The come in all motives and sizes and let kids realize a durable work of art within just one afternoon.

The model kits really are small pieces of art and at the same time they foster manual dexterity and help focus concentration and energy. That’s probably why teachers love to work with them in their arts classes.

Compared to a normal puzzles the require more planning and several work processes which can be distributed over several lessons. And of course the mosaics are permanent and decorate walls or desks at home or at work.

Of course children’s imagination is limitless and Alea’s blog on Mosaic Stories celebrates this boundless creativity and shares it with our artists and mosaic friends worldwide.

You can find alea images under: alea-mosaic.com

We wish all of you Inspiration and Fun with your mosaic works!

Your Alea Team